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Comparison in perspective.

Ever wonder how much a million is compared to a billion?

One million seconds is about 11.6 DAYS.
One billion seconds is about 31.7 YEARS.

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Christopher Hitchens on offense

If someone tells me that I’ve hurt their feelings—I say, I’m still waiting to hear what your point is.

I’m very depressed, however, that in this country, that I’ve been told, “that’s offensive”—as if those two words constitute an argument or a comment.

I’m not running for anything—so I don’t have to pretend I like people when I don’t.

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Giraffe nightmare…

“Vomiting is a giraffe’s worst nightmare.”

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On religion…

“Religious rabidity recites rationalized ruses.”

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Burning Man…

“Burning Man is just a lot of people shouting theater in a crowded fire.”

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Hello world!

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