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There is a minimalist philosophy that preaches decluttering. It can be summed up in three words (which is perfectly in line with their goal): “Less is more.”

If minimalism (or decluttering) resonates with you, you don’t need more than those three words.

This is raw elegance—an entire philosophy about “less” in three words.


Anything more is less.

There is a podcast about minimalist practices. Why they have more than one episode is a mystery to me.

But the most ironic thing? Followers of the minimalist philosophy have written books on it. And they have gathered together and offered their books as a bundle.

So, if you are not a follower of minimalism, you can drop $37 on 17 ebooks that use an excessive amount of words to repeatedly explain intricacies that don’t need an explanation.

Just embrace “less is more.”

I’ve just saved you thirty-seven dollars and having seventeen digital bits of clutter in your life.

You’re welcome.